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I’ve been extremely busy this last week. Busy with finals and organizing my graduation ceremonies to keep up with blogging. I finally got some time to catch up, take a deep breath and dive into the backlog of anthropology news. I’ve found some interesting things and will blog about it now that my life isn’t in overdrive.

For those interested in Mesoamerican linguistics, is this interactive exercise in learning how to read and speak in Mayan. I found it off of Digg and it comes from the “Cracking the Code” initiative which I mentioned in April. This exercise is based off of Stela 3, which is currently on found on a pyramid at the Maya site of Piedras Negras in northwestern Guatemala, more information about Stela 3 can be found here. In this excercise, you’ll see ancient Maya glyphs from Stela 3 on the left and to the right are the phonetic transcriptions of the glyph and sound bite (spoken by Barbara MacLeod). Accompanying notes help translate each glyph’s meaning. You’ll get a good taste of how the language sounds and flows, as well as some insight into hieroglyphic languages.

Here’s a screenshot of the interactive Flash application: