Levallois Tools

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  1. tools pictured on this page have been found in indiana and georgia. both lower and middle paleo tools have been assembled into the most coherent set of early man artifacts ever found in the u.s. lavellois points,cores, core tools,handaxes, backed blades,burins, bone tools,effigies,scrapers,choppers and cleavers. virtually everything found in the richest neanderthal sites with the exception of the human remains have been found over the last five years. the find is yet to be announced but info on it is available thru this email.

    1. I have all the things mentioned in your blog except I have hundreds of them but all of my tools are microlithic and I have hundreds of other things not mentioned.I beleve to have the remains of bone,teeth,I also have some artifacts that you would not even beleve. Ps i live in texas and right in the middle of there villege what do I do

    2. I have found a major neanderthal site in east texas thousands of artifacts including human teeth and every thing you have listed what do i do.

  2. correction to previous comment….the tools pictured on that page are not THE tools but tools of the same style made from levallois prepared cores.

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