Pardis Sabeti’s thoughts on the Future of Genomics

In this 3 minute 44 second video, Pardis Sabeti discusses the future of genomics, i.e. how sequencing will become so cheap that personal genome sequencing will be ubiquitous. She also talks about the impact of sequence information on medical and human variation research as well as the necessary ethical precautions we need to take with this information. Check it out.

5 thoughts on “Pardis Sabeti’s thoughts on the Future of Genomics

  1. I saw and heard Pardis Sabeti for the first time on Nova Science Now.
    I was immediately and deeply impressed
    intellectually and emotionally. She resonated with me more than anyone since my college days in the early 1970’s.
    I will never forget it.
    I wish her well.

  2. Once humans have the capability to clone and bring to life digitized genomes do you think we’ll ever get to the stage that our species will send robot craft to colonizable terrains in outer space and set up Earth ecologies out there?

  3. Could the last remaining populations of Neanderthals have contributed to a greater extent to the genome of the human populations that exist in the same areas they inhabited. The more time for interbreeding to occur might have led to a greater regional contribution. Have any studies been done on this?

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