I’m Off To Turkey Until September 20th!

I don’t regularly make announcements about my life, but I wanted to let you that blogging here will be sparse because I’m leaving to Turkey to do some fieldwork. I should return in two weeks time, unless we find something that needs a bit more time or if the PKK and Turkish government have another flare up like they did earlier this year. Hopefully, the former rather than the latter will happen.

I’ll be doing paleoanthropology research, but unlike my field season last year in Ethiopia, I’ll be hitting much older localities — we’re talking about the Miocene not the Plio-Pleistocene. This means I’ll be looking for hominoids, not necessarily hominins. But I’ll be elated to find either, in fact I’ve been dreaming about finding something like last year’s Ouranopithecus turkae! I wouldn’t be disappointed to find a really old H. erectus, Neandertal.

I imagine I’ll be stumbling upon a lot of archaeological material too. I’ll try to document as much as I’m allowed to and put it up on my Flickr account when I can. I also imagine that internet connectivity will be limited in the field, as will my time and energy to loiter around online. That being said, I’ll see y’all later!

5 thoughts on “I’m Off To Turkey Until September 20th!

  1. I wish I was going with you – you are going towards the very beginning of human consciousness – I have no doubt – sigh!

  2. i’m excited to hear and curious about where exactly you’re going.

    -i happen to live in turkey

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