Peopling Of The Americas: Eva de Naharon, A 13,600 Year Old Skeleton Found Near Tulum, Mexico

National Geographic News is running some press about the oldest skeleton found in the Americas, Eva de Naharon, at 13,600 years old. This would make her the oldest known human in the Americas, but as of now no peer reviewed journal has reviewed the research. The discovery of the skeleton, along with three others, were actually announced in a bulletin dated back to June on Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology & History website.

Tulum, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico

The site is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which is on the Yucantan Peninsula. I’d map the actually cave but I can’t seem to track down a locality name nor any GPS information. Alls I know is that its somewhere near town of Tulum.

The lead investigator of the study is Arturo González, who says these particular remains have 10 teeth. Surprisingly, the skull morphology does not exhibit many affinities to northern Asian populations, you know like Siberians and the like. This conclusion comes from Alejandro Terrazas, of UNAM. Rather, the skull exhibits South Asian, almost Indian, like traits. No discussion nor description of what the actual traits are provided.

The remains have been dated via radiocarbon. But the remains have since been flooded over as the ice caps melted after the last glacial maximum. David Anderson says the saltwater that’s covered the remains affects carbon-14 dating. But the presence of elephants and giant sloths in the cave give some bio-chronological support to the date.

Eva de Naharon from Tulum, Mexico
Photographing Eva de Naharon from Tulum, Mexico

So is this surprising? Yeah, but there have been signs pointing to a much older occupation of humans in the Americas. Recently, a genetic study suggested that the peopling of the Americas started around 17,000 years ago and a redating of Mexico’s Toloquilla footprints indicated that people may have been in or around central Mexico by 16,000 years ago. Furthermore, sites inside Chile have been redated to be as old as 14,200 years. But, should the radiocarbon dates hold, this will be the oldest American skeleton. You may know of Kennewick’s 9,300 years old date, but with Eva de Naharon antiqutity at 13,600 years, this maybe a significant find.

The peopling of the Americas is one of my favorite subtopics in anthropology and Eva could shake things up especially if the carbon-14 wasn’t affected by saltwater and her physical traits are really south Asian-like. I guess we gotta wait until González and team excavate, clean up, and analyze Chan hol, the fourth skeleton at this site and submit their analyses to a journal.

4 thoughts on “Peopling Of The Americas: Eva de Naharon, A 13,600 Year Old Skeleton Found Near Tulum, Mexico

  1. What do you think they mean by “South Asian affinities”? My first thought was to ponder if means “South Asian” as in Indian or as in Indochinan (SE Asian). The main reason for this doubt is that the phrase is made in contrast to “North Asian”, what obviously means NE Asian.

    So I don’t know if they mean some sort of Australoid or pseudo-Australoid typology or more like Austronesian, or even something totally different.

    In any case, it seems clear now that the dates for the colonization of America are getting consistently older (but within reasonable figures).

  2. This is just one more indicator that the earliest Americans were not from Asia but from Europe, arriving via a North Atlantic archipelago (India is basically Caucasian). See my Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ.Ny 2009)

  3. you see how they felt it was imperative to have a white person with the remains..if it were up to me id kick out every single europeans from Mexicos ancient sites…i also find it funny they keep pushing the “peopling” theory further and further back each time older remains are found…white people are sick

    1. The world knows white people have to historically justify reality. The truth is they are bias when they report history, because they are looking for other white ppl to pat them on the back The receive awards created by white ppl to that applaud when facts are twisted to support a fraudulent history line..You judge a tree by it’s fruit. White ppl are doing a terrible job adapting to nature. That suggest, not only they aren’t natural to this planet, but that they were perhaps created in the likeness of beings natural to this planet. There genes are dying and breeding off, and this planet is getting hotter! In 1000 years they will b a rare species. They would do better by not suppressing a world of blacks with laws and rulings. They would do better if they stop the genetic dietary and medical attacks on blacks. They have a better chance of survival if they stopped trying to make a profit on everything they do, and stop trying to take claim of everyfind and encourage the natural science of blacks to aid in the salvation of the white race’s survival.

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