The Galili Femur

It has been a while since I blogged anything on paleoanthropology. But once I saw John Hawks' post where he pointed out Elizabeth Culotta's news piece in the latest Science on a new hominin femur from Galili, Ethiopia, I was excited. The femur was presented by Bence Viola to the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, which... Continue Reading →

On The Genetic Similarities & Linguistic Diversity Of The People From The Bismarck Archipelago & Bougainville, Melanesia

A new paper in the open access journal PLoS Genetics reports on a comparison of genetic, geographic, and linguistic patterns of the diverse populations found on the major islands of the Bismarck Archipelago and Bougainville, Melanesia. The paper is titled, "Genetic and Linguistic Coevolution in Northern Island Melanesia." I think that Simon Greenhill of HENRY... Continue Reading →

Are Rapidly Evolving Human Promoter Regions Due To Higher Rates Of Neutral Substitution Or Positive Selection?

Nature Genetics just published a brief correspondence on the evolution of promoter regions in the human genome. The basis of this study relies on the observation that 46% of promoter regions in the human genome have a higher number of nucleotide substitutions than corresponding introns. The authors don't make the distinction that positive selection, relaxed... Continue Reading →

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