Introducing A New Guest Blogger, Emanuel Lusca

Emanuel Lusca recently contacted wishing to guest blog here at As a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, double majoring in anthropology and philosophy, I think Emanuel will fill some gaps in my lack of coverage of cultural anthropology topics… so I’m really excited to have him on board.

In his email, he explained that his anthropological interests are wide spread, stemming from his belief that anthropology is a self-reflexive exercise that aims to understand and explore oneself through the “other.’ He’s particularly interested n the intersection of ontology and epistemology in terms of the law, science, language and power. He told me he’s heavily influenced by thinkers such as Ludwig Wittgenstein, Martin Heidegger, Laura Nader, Bruno Latour, and others.

Currently, as a result of his religious upbringing, he is exploring the possibility of multiple understandings and lived realities in a shared world and the resulting ontological consequences and reconfiguration of power. He is applying to doctoral programs in cultural anthropology. And, the underlying question he is grappling with is how it is possible that demons be ontologically objective for a believer, and ontologically subjective for the theorist?

I welcome Emanuel to, and hope you do as well!

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