has gone platinum. With the help of guest bloggers and regular contributors, I have hosted 1,000,000 unique visitors since March of 2007. For a highly specialized niche site with no advertisement campaign I consider this milestone a success.

But, I’m going to bid blogging adieu because I have been accepted to medical school. Once I start, I imagine my studies will be like drinking from a fire hydrant and I won’t have much time to keep up with anthropology news and blogging. This is extremely hard to do, as has been my baby for the last 4 years. Since the average posts takes several hours to compose, and my primary role as a medical student is to be a study bot, I am going to have to shift focus.

So what does that mean to you guys? Obviously, I won’t be posting, commenting, and moderating. I’m going to miss the discussions I’ve had with the readers and keeping up to date. I still will keep the domain and the site live just in case I ever do decide to return. I do want to extend an invitation to new guest bloggers and contributors, if you wanna pick up anthropology blogging, I’ll be more than happy to host you. Just contact me. Anyways, thank you all for such an awesome ride. I hope to be back once my clerkships start… but that won’t be for at least two more years.