Current Anthropology – Volume 50, Number 4 (August 2009) – Out Now

Following hard on the heels of an excellent edition of Four Stone Hearth #70 which has been published over Yanesha-4at Afarensis, comes news of the latest edition of Current Anthropology, for which a subscription is required.

The table of contents listed above gives a good idea of how this particular issue is themed, and time permitting, I’ll add a note on one or two of the papers listed, which this time round have more of a contemporary focus as opposed to a prehistoric context. For example, this abstract from the paper  ‘Hybrid Bodyscapes: A Visual History of Yanesha Patterns of Cultural Change’ by Fernando Santos‐Granero, reads thus:

This paper examines cultural change and hybridity through a visual history of the alterations in dress, ornamentation, and body treatment experienced by the Yanesha of Peruvian Amazonia in postcolonial times. Such transformations often appear to be fluctuations between tradition and modernity explained alternatively as instances of “acculturation” or as expressions of “invented traditions” and “postmodern identity politics.” By focusing mainly on external factors, these theoretical approaches pay insufficient attention to the role of native perceptions and practices in promoting cultural change. Approaches that do take into consideration these perceptions, such as those centered on the notions of “passing” and “mimesis,” do not apply to this particular case.

Adopting a Yanesha perspective as a departure point, I argue that what appear to be expressions of acculturative processes are the result of a long‐standing indigenous openness to the Other—particularly the white and mestizo Others—and the native conviction that the Self is possible only through the incorporation of the Other. Such incorporation always finds expression in bodily transformations, hybrid bodyscapes that change throughout time according to the shifting relationships between Self and Other.

Check this link for a fuller listing which includes several reviewed books.

Reference: Current Anthropology, Volume 50, Number 4 (August 2009)

image: Yanesha tribespeople from Crónica Viva

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