‘The Treasured Ship’ – New Video From The Archaeology Channel

Here’s the introduction to the latest offering from TAC, as described by Rick Pettigrew:

In January of 1887 the Austria, one of the first Down-Easters built to compete with steel and steam, struck shore on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula.  Her remains, scattered in the intertidal zone at Cape Alava, were recorded by field school participants under the direction of archaeologist Faith Haney.  This documentary – filmed in part by the students – illustrates the importance of foreshore shipwreck sites, tells of the adventures of a sea-going vessel, and takes the viewer on a melodious journey from the Pacific Coast of Washington State to the ports of Bath, Maine.

And here’s Part 1, made available by Faith Haney, who produced and directed the film, via the Lithic Creative Media YouTube portal:

To watch this very well made, informative and thoughtful production in its entirety just head over to the Archaeology Channel front page, and follow the links.

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