Top Ten Ways for Anthropologists to Make A Difference – Daniel Lende

Here’s a post from Neuroanthropology, from where Greg Downey recently hosted the outstanding Australiana edition of Four Stone Hearth, and today I want to point readers to another post from the same site, where Daniel Lende is the other main contributor.

He has compiled a list of 10 ways in which anthropologists can interact with and contribute to the real world that exists beyond the classroom and associated halls of academia. As is apparent from the video posted below, which describes the work that Lende and his students have undertaken to communicate with various groups of the public, including HIV/AIDS patients and Viet Nam veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there are practicable and achievable ways of bringing together disparate groups of people by organising and motivating interested individuals and institutions, that can be of great benefit to all concerned. Here’s the video, made by the Center For Social Concerns, via the related media section at OAC:

I’ve mentioned the Open Anthropology Cooperative before, but in case you hadn’t got round to checking out the vast range of people, fields of interest and opportunities to contribute content, here’s the link to their main page.

Center For Social Concerns

Open Anthropology Cooperative

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