The Open Laboratory 2009 – Call for Submissions

Over the past three years, a book comprising what are considered the best science posts of the year is published, and the selection Open_Lab_2009_150x100process for this year’s edition is already in progress, with 210 entries already submitted, as we see from Coturnix at A Blog Around the Clock:

Here are the submissions for OpenLab 2009 to date. As we have surpassed 210 entries, all of them, as well as the “submit” buttons and codes and the bookmarklet, are under the fold. You can buy the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions at Please use the submission form to add more of your and other people’s posts (remember that we are looking for original poems, art, cartoons and comics, as well as essays).

As is clear from the assembled list of posts, there’s a wide ranging mix of content from science bloggers hailing from a multitude of disciplines, all of whose posts were published between 12-01-08 and 12-01-09. The purpose of this most recent post is to remind bloggers to check their own archives for material they consider appropriate for this year’s edition, and having done that to read other bloggers’ work from the same year, and submit suggestions accordingly…

Then, spread the word around the Web about this – point people to the submission form from wherever you think is appropriate: your blog, twitter, Facebook, various forums, etc. Let other science bloggers know about this -the more the merrier.

And to make submitting even easier, there’s a even a handy bookmarklet you can drag to your toolbar, allowing you to simply click open the submission form which opens in a separate window; moreover, it’s permissible to submit multiple entries from different sites and blogs, which makes the bookmarklet a very useful tool if you happen to come across something, rather than having to navigate directly to the submissions web-page.

Thus far I haven’t been able to establish the deadline date, but suffice it to say, the sooner submissions are sent the better. It’s also worth bearing in mind that because these entries will be published in print, posts which contain loads of links, images multimedia like videos etc, might not be as suitable as a more conventional essay, for example.

Potential contributors are reminded that it’s only possible to have entries considered by using the dedicated submission form.

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