A Mammalian Lost World in Southwest Europe During the Late Pliocene – PLoS ONE

There's a very interesting new paper, through which prospective readers are free to roam and explore at will, by Alfonso Arribas et al, in which the site of Fonelas, Granada in southern Spain is described, where excavations have revealed that around 1.8 million years ago, a vast suite of mammalian fauna from Asia, Europe and... Continue Reading →

Hobbits Might Not Be A Homo After All

The controversies over the hobbits or Homo floresiensis just refuse to end. It seems that the hobbits might not be a Homo after all. I guess they found the index and ring fingers of the hobbits (Sorry, inside joke. Read this post if you want). Homo floresiensis (LB1) skull. Photo from Science Museum. Homo floresiensis,... Continue Reading →

Can I See Your Fingers Please?

That is what University of Liverpool's Emma Nelson probably would have said if she were to meet our hominan ancestors in person. Known to hold true in anthropoids (humans, apes and monkeys), the index (second digit) to ring (fourth digit) fingers ratio or 2D:4D is an indication of how much an individual were exposed to... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth 76 @ Afarensis

There's water on the Moon, and even at lower than expected latitudes on Mars, not to mention a monstrous lightning storm on Saturn that has been on the go since mid-January. But none of that concerns us here, as we Earthlings possess a force of nature of our own which is much nearer to home,... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth 75 at Ad Hominin

The 75th edition of the anthropology blog carnival named above is now online at Ad Hominin, and as is customary for 4SH, a wide variety of topics are covered by various bloggers, whose recent posts and essays have been compiled into a coherent whole, making this an ideal way to catch up on some informative... Continue Reading →

The Evolutionary Origin of Man Can Be Traced in the Layers of Defunct Ancestral Alpha Satellites Flanking the Active Centromeres of Human Chromosomes – PLoS Genetics

Here's a link to a newly published paper at PLoS Genetics, and although my knowledge of centromeres is scant, it seems clear that the authors are confident that their research can effectively demonstrate  the timing of past waves of primate evolution going back as far as 35 million years, including periods of heightened activity, as... Continue Reading →

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