Four Stone Hearth 76 @ Afarensis

There’s water on the Moon, and even at lower than expected latitudes on Mars, not to mention a monstrous lightning storm on Saturn that has been on the go since mid-January. But none of that concerns us here, as we Earthlings possess a force of nature of our own which is much nearer to home, specifically a fortnightly anthropology blog carnival called Four Stone Hearth, which this time round is hosted over at Afarensis.

This 76th edition is a great mix of recent discoveries that have made the headlines of late, as well as a few contemplative posts, which amongst all else question not only what we see but how we interpret and process different types of information that are presented to us; there’s even a movie to watch, courtesy of the Archaeology Channel, plus a load of free papers from PNAS. None of these articles require expensive multi-spectrum telescopes, robotic space missions or teams of dauntingly bright astrophysicists to enlighten us further, as an ability to read is quite sufficient; so just head on over to Afarensis to check out the latest cluster of posts to have been plucked from their orbital paths around the blogosphere.

The next edition of 4SH is due out on October 7th, but as yet there are no hosts slated, so if you’re keen on embarking on a one-person mission to stage the 77th edition, just head over to the Four Stone Hearth base, where instructions for hosting and submitting await.

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