Four Stone Hearth 77 @ A Place Odyssey

Just a quick note to point readers in the direction of the latest edition of the anthropology blog carnival which is hosted for the first timea place odyssey over at A Place Odyssey, a team of bloggers who describe themselves thus:

Known locally as the ‘landscape detectives’, we are a group of Masters students at Sheffield University studying Landscape Archaeology. This blog will show the results of our informal discussions, fieldtrips, more general landscape news,  and other things that are landscapey and/or archaeology.

Pete Cox has compiled this latest assemblage of artefacts in the guise of archaeology and anthropology posts that have appeared in the recent past, culled from some of the usual 4SH suspects as well as one or two from sites which may be unfamiliar to some, but are well worth checking out in their own right. Not only do these latest contributions cover a broad scope of stuff that should be of interest to all, but as ever, they’re all very nicely written, offering as they do, plenty of food for thought.

The next edition is due out on October 21st, for which the hosting slot is still open, so if you’d like to add your blog to the long list of those who have hosted in the past, all you need to do is drop Martin R a line via here and take it from there.

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