Second Annual National Expedition Week @ National Geographic Channel

Airing this Sunday, November 15th at 9pm ET/PT in the US, on the National Geographic Channel is a documentary called ‘Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers’, for which this is the description:

Terrifying legends from the Amazon tell of Indian headshrinkers who would shrink an enemy’s head to render the vengeful soul powerless.  Now, NGC has exclusive U.S. access to 45-year-old archive footage captured by explorer Edmundo Bielawski, purportedly the only known footage that shows the process of an actual ― recently deceased ― human head being shrunk. Author and explorer Piers Gibbon heads deep into the Amazon jungle in an attempt to trace Bielawski’s 1960s journey, rediscover the exact location where this scene was filmed and reconnect with the tribe today.  After a string of setbacks, Gibbon finally gets a striking clue that leads him on an arduous trek to the village of Tukupi, where he finds one aging warrior, the last of his generation, who could provide answers to the mystery once and for all.

This programme kicks off a week-long series of documentaries that will be shown on the National Geographic Channel, as part of their aforementioned Expedition Week, and later that same night, viewers are offered ‘Secrets of the Druids’.

Limited online time means I’m unable to offer readers a full preview here, but suffice it to say there is a plethora of information, resources and archive footage to be found by navigating to the series’ main page and taking it from there – as far as viewers outside the US are concerned, I imagine we’ll get to see this series at some point in what we hope is the near future.



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