Four Stone Hearth #80 @ Middle Savagery

Although I somehow completely missed this latest Four Stone Hearth in that I didn’t even remember it was happening this week, the 80th edition is nevertheless now online at Middle Savagery, so be sure to check it out.

The first few entries look at tool use, Ardipithecus ramidus and of course, Neanderthals, without whom no occasion such as this would be complete, and there’s also a slew of posts delving into matters archaeological. Elsewhere are other items that between them consider such issues as swine flu and digital authority – I’m a little pushed for time and haven’t as yet had time to read through the various submissions, hence the lack of any meaningful commentary from me.

Thanks go out to Colleen Morgan for hosting this edition, and the 81st will be held at Spider Monkey Tales on Wednesday, December 2nd. There is still a vacant hosting slot for the last carnival of 2009, whilst 2010 is a vast and open window of opportunity for around 25 hosts who might wish to consider hosting 4SH at their own sites. For details of how to embark on such an enterprise, just head to the main carnival page and take it from there.

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