Four Stone Hearth #82 @ Anthropology in Practice

My apologies once again to yet another host of Four Stone Hearth for failing to submit something – in this case, Krystal D’Costa who is running the current edition at her blog, Anthropology in Practice – you’d think that 2 weeks would be plenty long enough to get a submission together, but either the passage of time is accelerating, or my perception of it is rapidly decreasing.

Regardless of that, there are plenty of good posts packed into her edition, in which The Gift by Marcel Mauss gets an early mention  – it’s one of those books I’ve dipped into here and there on many an occasion, and one that makes for excellent reading, especially at this time of year. It even contains a handy Maori proverb, quite apt I suppose, for this or any other time of the year…

Ko Maru kai atu, Ko maru kai mai, ka ngohe ngohe

…which according to Mauss means “Give as much as you take, all shall be very well.”

On which note, please head over to the latest edition of Four Stone Hearth to read the selection of assembled posts – as well as submissions from familar contributors such as Aardvarchaeology and The Primate Diaries, there are two other blogs previously unknown to me, namely Archosaur Musings and An Anthropologist Goes Techno, as well as three posts from the host herself, to whom thanks are due for publishing this edition.

The final 4SH of this year is due out on December 30th, whilst the whole of 2010 is as yet an open opportunity for anyone wishing to host this anthropology blog carnival during that time – details of how to apply can be found here.

image: Marcel Mauss from

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