The Great Southern Migration Theory: Some Thoughts on Y-hap T and Boating Technology – by Terry Toohill

The Wikipedia entry for Y-chromosome haplogroup T claims: “The distribution of haplogroup T in most parts of Europe is spotty or regionalized”. As it is through much of the rest of the world. However from the map at Wiki we can see that Y-hap T is largely distributed along coastlines and up major river... Continue Reading →

Reduced Brain Size of Homo floresiensis Hints at Her Likely Ancestors

See also: Is Homo floresiensis really that strange? - Zinjanthropus@ A Primate of Modern Aspect A new, detailed and freely accessible paper, Reconstructing the Ups and Downs of Primate Brain Evolution: Implications for Adaptive Hypotheses and Homo floresiensis (provisional PDF) has just come online at BMC Biology, in which Stephen H. Montgomery et al discuss... Continue Reading →

Neanderthal Notes for the Weekend

I recently posted a brief article regarding the latest themed edition of Current Anthropology, but at the time of writing I hadn't noticed another paper in the same issue, namely Sleeping Activity Area within the Site Structure of Archaic Human Groups - Evidence from Abric Romaní Level N Combustion Activity Areas, which begins with this:... Continue Reading →

Current Anthropology – Volume 51, Number 1, Feb 2010 – Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and Inequality in Premodern Societies Edition

The latest edition of Current Anthropology has just been published, and included within is a special section referred to in the headline above - I haven't had time to read it yet, so for now here's a table of contents and a snippet from the introduction by editor Mark Aldenderfer, commenting on the themed papers,... Continue Reading →

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