Julien has posted the current edition of Four Stone Hearth over at his blog, marking the 85th occasion on which this anthropology blog carnival has appeared online. There’s a distinct archaeological feel to the opening section, including mention of the Silk Road, something I’ve been mulling over of late, but I certainly hadn’t heard of someone cutting themselves a pair of trousers from a tapestry – it’s good to know that people were ignoring basic rules of fashion back then as we do today.

Also mentioned is Second Life, and a consideration of how people may have dressed in the past, a look inside a Mediaeval museum in Stockholm, plus a number of contributions from the other fields of anthropology.

In keeping with the meteorological theme of this edition, I’m a little under the weather as I write this, so I’ll have to cut this post here and simply encourage readers to head over to A Very Remote Period Indeed, to check out these and other posts.