Were The Americas Settled Twice?

A team of paleoanthropologists report in PLoS One analyzed the skulls of several dozen 11,000 year old Paleoamericans and compared them to the skulls of more than 300 1,000 year old Amerindians. They concluded that based on the morphology, there were two distinct waves of colonizers from Asia. While we know from a couple genetic... Continue Reading →

Early hominin ate “seafood”, possible reason for the expansion of the brain

Recent archaeological find in Koobi Fora, Kenya suggests that our early ancestors might have dined on "seafood" to compensate for the energy needed for the expansion of the brain. The excavated site dates 1.95 million years ago, which predates Homo erectus, reveals distinct faunal remains (some with evidence of butchery) and Oldowan artifacts. Detailed in... Continue Reading →

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