A Curious Look At The 3.39 Million Year Old “Stone Tool Markings” From Dikika, Ethiopia

I don't know who this is worse for, the editors & reviewers over at Nature or the authors of the article who can't tell the difference between crocodile teeth markings and stone tool modification, nor raise the possibility. The paper, "Evidence for stone-tool-assisted consumption of animal tissues before 3.39 million years ago at Dikika, Ethiopia," very... Continue Reading →

Should Neandertals Be Recategorized As A Subspecies Of Humans?

Earlier this week, I saw a friend reading this article, and considering SciAm has proven to be a bastion of intellectual stimulation and unbiased discussion, I decided to share it with you. Since the publication of the Neandertal draft genome in May, the concept of reorganizing the human family tree to include Neandertals as a subspecies... Continue Reading →

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