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A colleague of mine has developed a new online human fossil record, in the likes of my own database of fossils. The project is and although it is in beta, it has some remarkable features already. I am particularly impressed with the phylogeny plot view, which offers a chronological color coded map of many important hominin fossils. What’s unique about this view how it helps visualize localities different hominin species lived and spread throughout the world. Here’s a sneak peak….

Fossilized Phylogeny View

Furthermore there is an interesting history of prehistory section the database, which I have never seen be done before, as well as a geochronological timescale. The latter view offers a way to visualized oxygen levels throughout prehistory. Be sure to check out and poke around. If you are an educator, let your students and colleagues know about this resource.

Personally, I’ve constantly advocated for more online resources like this. To my knowledge, there isn’t one as focused on localities. So, I’m glad to see there’s another database of the human fossil record out there, especially one that offers up some new features and more complete dataset than some currently out there.

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