Jane Says: Keys to Sharing Anthropology

I love anthropology and, since you're taking the time to read this, you probably don't hate it.  When we love something, we want to share our enthusiasm for it with others.  Sharing my passion for the scientific study of humankind has been a driving goal for the past 15 years.  As a result, I ask... Continue Reading →

Introducing A New Guest Blogger, Jay Fancher

I'm happy to introduce another guest blogger to the Anthropology.net family, Jay Fancher. Jay is a recent graduate of Washington State University’s Ph.D. program in anthropology. His doctoral dissertation is an ethnoarchaeological analysis of animal bone assemblages produced by modern Aka and Bofi foragers of the Central African Republic. This research explores how observing hunting and butchering behaviors of... Continue Reading →

Introducing A New Guest Blogger, Matthew Magnani

I'm excited to introduce, Matthew Magnani, as a new guest blogger here at Anthropology.net. Matthew is now a junior at Binghamton University, with interests in biological anthropology and archaeology. He plans to pursue a PhD in archaeology or paleoanthropology, revolving in some way around Neandertals. This last summer he did field work at an Upper... Continue Reading →

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