Introducing A New Guest Blogger, Matthew Magnani

I’m excited to introduce, Matthew Magnani, as a new guest blogger here at Matthew is now a junior at Binghamton University, with interests in biological anthropology and archaeology. He plans to pursue a PhD in archaeology or paleoanthropology, revolving in some way around Neandertals.

This last summer he did field work at an Upper Paleolithic site in France, and will return this year to continue excavating. In May and June of this upcoming year also plans on conducting research at the American Museum of Natural History, working with fossil casts from Zhoukoudian. Matthew also writes for Pipedream, Binghamton University’s main paper, as an opinion columnist. Lastly he has recently founded an undergraduate research journal, which is due to come out for the first time this spring.

Matthew seems like an outstanding budding academic and I look forward to the voice and insight he provides to Be sure to keep an eye out for his upcoming posts!

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