Gallup Poll on Evolution vs. Education

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  1. I am in my first year of high school and i believe that evolution just happened over years and god had nothing to do with evolution. I believe in god but he has nothing to do with our adaptation to the planet earth itself. we change to make earth a better living area its just like what animals plants and bugs do…. :) thanks

  2. Sounds like you’re ahead of the average for you education level. I see that as the level of education increases the number accepting both evolution and that God had no part in that evolution increases.

  3. I’m a senior at highschool and I can see these statistics here clearly given form. In the higher level of education (The IB level kids) there is a high belief in evolution, or belief that God guided the process. For everyone else roughly half don’t believe in evolution or ignore it completely. I know a few students who did their best to get out of the new Anthro class because they didn’t want exposure to Evolution. And that really is shocking to me. I’m a fan of science and testable hypothesis myself and am fascinated with the evolutionary processes. I hope these trends can be shifted, but I get the feeling that won’t happen until we have reforms in education and our culture gives science it’s own respect instead of being “quirky” or on an even keel with supernatural belief. I’ll pray for that to come ( ;) ) but I doubt it will anytime soon.

  4. It boggles my mind that some people believe that they came from a rock or apes. Yes I believe we adapt to our environments over time but the idea that intelligent life came from a rock and evolution from fish, apes, and other animals is preposterous. How you can compare yourself as an intelligent being with so much potential to that of an ape. Open your eyes, evolution is a theory and will always remain just a theory. The only part of the evolutionary theory that is true is that we adapt to our environments to a certain extent.

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