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This seems really fascinating.

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    1. Hey, no way! That’s awesome you are the producer… I have seriously never seen a better trailer in my life. I am not exaggerating, I’ve been sharing this link with all my friends and family on Facebook, IM, email, etc. and now here on my site.

      I saw some promo clips the BBC and was equally floored. I seriously tip my hat to you and the whole for producing this remarkable documentary series and site. I can imagine this series playing in many anthropology classes and sparking many discussions about how people live in different places in the world.

      Thanks for popping up here and sharing your website as well. I look forward to seeing more in the future.

  1. Hi Sian,
    I have rather a strange query for you. I am really enjoying the Human Planet series, it is such a fantastic programme. I am an undergraduate social anthropology student from the UK. I am currently looking into summer internships that have an anthropological focus. I think that I would be very interested in research work for a production like Human Planet or Tribe, although I have never done anything like this before. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on this, and also whether you knew of anyone it would be worth contacting. Are they thinking of running a new series of Human Planet?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the response and advice, it looks great and really interesting,
    although I think I am a little inexperienced for what they are looking for. I guess I would need to shadow someone in the industry for a bit, although the job description looked perfect! Maybe in a few years
    Any more help though would be greatly appreciated,

  3. Hi there
    I work closely with the Human Planet team but I’m a website producer at the BBC. I’ll mention this thread to some of the production team to see what advice they may have. In the meantime, for work experience at the BBC, there’s more info on the Work Experience website.

    All the best

    1. Hello Sian, I am a student studying Anthropology and Film at the University of California Riverside and the University of California Los Angeles. I too was wondering if you had any suggestions as to how to get involved with these types of programmes, I eventually hope to produce ethnographic films, and educate people about the peoples of the world, in hopes to close divisions and help humanity better understand each other. Right now I am working a piece about Afro-Latin Americans in Puerto Rico, and the diaspora of this US territory.

  4. Hi all,

    I am the producer of the Oceans and Jungles programme and also this trailer. It is great to hear that so many people have enjoyed the trailer and the series so far. To be honest we were not sure how it would be recieved by hardcore anthropologists (and I was especailly concerned as both my parents were anthropologists at Cambridge – no pressure!!) but it is very pleasing to see that most people feel this is a godo way to bring this subject to the masses. Of course it could go deeper etc, but then we would be preaching to the converted. It is also encouraging to hear that intelligent educated people want to get into this kind of telly – we need more people like this.

    working in Doc. Tv isn’t easy as it takes a strange mix of skills – you need to be intelligent, creative, understand your subject, have an eye for detail, be good at story telling and communication and you need to be a people person. Furthermore you need to be able to comprimise what you want to say with what the public wants to watch. If this sounds like your kind of bag then I would fully encourage you to go for it.

    There is no easy way in, but those who keep hassling and are hungry get there. BBC wales and production houses like Indus in Cardiff are some of the best places for anthro style programmes, and it is worth sniffing around here. BBC bristol where I work tends to do more wildlife based stuff, but as you see in Human Planet there is some cross over opportunities. Perhaps one thing to consider is that rather than going striaght for anthro films you just need to learn the craft of tv making – this can be done on a broader range of programming and what you learn will be relevant to anything you make in the future.

    One of the best ways to impress is to show initiative. Make your own films and / or come up with ideas that show you have really identified how telly works and the kind fo ideas that might make it to screen. When you show people these things, they inevitably will be impressed. It is no goo d turnign up sayign you want to make programmes ‘that save the world’ as whilst this is commendable, it simply isn’t what the public want to watch after a hard days work. It is possible to make hard hitting programmes on televison, but you need to sweeten the pill with a unique and engaging angle etc. So rather than just asking for a break, make sure you have something to show your commitment, skill and appreciation for the craft of television.

    work experience can be a good way to get your foot in the door. Offering your services for free. Shadowing etc. Basically anything to engrain yoursefl in the minds of the production teams. As I say if you really want it you will get there, but you have to be patient for the break to come – it may be quick but it may take a couple of years.

    Hope that helps and good luck.

    1. Hello. My entire family watched the Human Planet series with great fascination. What a fantastic production! I have been trying to research similar documentaries/formats for my family to watch. Any suggestions? My children are elementary age but quite curious and they loved the series.

    2. Hi, I just finished watching the series and am simply in awe. I’m 44 and looking for a new career. Maybe anthropology is it. :)
      But more immediately, it’s going to be spreading the word about this wonderful, captivating and sometimes inspiring series as far and wide as possible.

      Kudos, Mr Producer and all at BBC!

      And thanks, Kambiz, for taking the time with this,

  5. Hi Tom and Sian!

    I’m a 2nd year Social and Biological Anthropology student at UCL and have to agree that this is certainly a stunning programme, It is really acceptable to the public and even we have disscussed several of the societies and issues in our lectures so it was great to see them for real and not just in readings!

    I am also desperate to obtain some form of work experience, possbily in the research sector for Human Planet or any other programme like it and would happily shadow anyone I could! I have just spent around 3 hours in our library on the BBC work experience website not really getting anywhere…Is there any oppotunity for some summer work with your department at all or any others related if not? Willing to work at pretty much anything I can so anything you could offer would be amazing!

    Thanks very much,


  6. Is there a list of the places shown in the promo video? I recognize several, but would like to have an entire list.

  7. Hi there

    Just to let you know that some of the Human Planet production team will be online after the programme on Thursday 3 March to talk about the series. If you’d like to take part you can send in questions in advance or go to this page at around 9pm on Thursday –

    Hope to hear from you then
    All the best

  8. An incredible trailer for a stunning series.

    As an Arch & Anth student, I appreciate seeing my subject in HD and glad to see others, especially of my age group, enjoying learning about other cultures as much as I do.

    FIngers-crossed there’ll be a second series.

  9. I am looking for the whole documentares to download and found out in another web about Antrophology that the approach of this series towards the people is racist and outdate. They show more sensacionalist and ideal scenes but no the real and everywhere modern world.
    What do you think about that. Would like some feedback from antrophologists.

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