Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Another video to share with you, this time the trailer to Werner Herzog‘s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. This is a 3D film shot inside Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave in southern France. These are some of the oldest cave paintings known. The film seems to have good reviews on IMDB and is set to be released on March 25th, 2011 in the UK.

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15 thoughts on “Cave of Forgotten Dreams

  1. From this small snippet this film appears to have significant potential.
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention

  2. Goofy. And on several counts. No-one should enter this space w/o breathing apparatus. PRESERVATION IS THE FIRST CONSIDERATION. The video is commercial to an unnecessary extreme.

    1. I’m sorry, but if there was one criticism I would through at Werner Herzog it would not be “commercial to an unnecessary extreme.” Have you ever tried sitting through ‘Aguirre: The Wrath of God?’ Just listen to yourself — you are one of *those* people.

  3. The title-“Cave of Forgotten Dreams”-is simply astounding and matches the visuals in the cave-jm.

  4. What a spectacular place! I wish I had been there with them! PLEASE release this in the U.S.

  5. Amazing! I too wish I could have been there and would love to see it. I know, due to restrictions, the average person, such as me, will not be able to have any access other than this film. I hope it is released in the US. I would love to see this on an IMAX screen.

  6. We got our timing wrong – if we’d been in UK for longer, we could have seen it! Don’t know when it will reach the Dordogne, but hope it’s soon!

  7. It may be of interest to some in knowing that the art seen in this short movie was done by the oldesr race of man known to have lived in southern France/northern Spain. They were the Basque people.

    1. Hey, take it easy, if the Basque people were “a race” they would not interbreed with other humans. Meaning if Basques wouldn’t be able to have children with French or with Russians etc., o put it more easy to understand for an ignorant like you (excuse me bluntness).

      1. It may be of interest to some in knowing that the art seen in this short movie was done by the oldest known people in Europe that today live between France and Spain.. In addition recent findings also include underwater caves that add to the mystery. Oddly, the underwater cave drawings appear to be older than those of land caves.

      2. I thought the film was wonderful. It brought to life real people who had lived at a time when seas were 300′ lower and people could walk from Germany to Britain. I was rivetted. I have always loved the neolithic and would have liked to have lived at that time. The paintings evoked an era when humans identified as part of the local ecology which included impressive megafauna, some of which were depicted in the cave – cave lions, cave bears, wooly rhinos, mastadons. The scientists interpreting the paintings and the times went into the weaponry used for hunting. These neolithic people were tall and amazingly fit and strong to be able to live in the extreme cold and to hunt and live among these huge creatures. The paintings depict the non-humans as real personalities. It makes me sick that Australia is “developing” all her aboriginal peoples so that they will no longer have a choice of that other lifestyle, which still carries valuable information about a wonderfully healthy way of relating to nature and to each other.

        I hope I won’t offend by saying that “race” or “species” in zoology just means a discreet population that breeds within itself for whatever reason. Could be because there is a sea separating that population from others, or other obstacles. Could be different habits, such as nocturnal vs diurnal. But the range of genetic attributes is thus limited – so one population might have hairy noses and another might have smooth skin. In Virolution Frank Ryan finds that different populations of animals establish alliances with viral dna and when a member of another population comes into their territory they are likely to succumb to the virus where the local tribe has immunity. Tribes or species are organised according to territory and humans tend to identify themselves with tribal dress etc. Whilst avoiding incest with close family members through exogamy, they still tend to marry within their tribe (endogamy), which has the effect of keeping land within the same families and clans and, incidentally, the range of DNA. A nation of citizens has the same principle; those inhabiting a certain territory are members of a tribe which has rights to self-government. If a population were to avoid breeding out for long enough then you would get such distinct species that there could be no interbreeding, but that is the extreme end of ‘race’ or ‘species’. Species means ‘kind’ as in different ‘kinds.’ The Australian Aborigines are thought to have crossed over Gondwanaland between 60 and 40,000 years ago, more or less direct from Africa. The oldest neolithic art in Cave of Lost Dreams was dated round 34,000 year ago. Until British settlement in Australia the populations there were all still practising neolithic lifestyles and showed no immediate interest in beeds and baubles; they seemed to have too much self-respect and to be self-sufficient without notions of individual wealth.

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