Survival International & Uncontacted Amazonian Tribes

Anyone remember 2 years ago, when Survival International released some photos of an uncontacted tribe at the border of Brazil and Peru? Well an update came out, a remarkable video showing the tribe and describing what’s being done to protect them. Oh and by the way, this is part of BBC’s Human Planet.

Check out the video here.

4 thoughts on “Survival International & Uncontacted Amazonian Tribes

  1. When I click on your highlighted words, my computer puts up a notice that I “might be harming my computer.” I am no judge of such matters…can you explain why this msg occurs, please?

    1. No idea, Frances. You’re not giving me much with “my computer puts up a notice” and “highlighted words.” What is specifically saying it, i.e. what program over which words? I think it might be to some internet security software. But, I’ve never had this come up before nor does it come up from me.

      Either way, I don’t provide tech support. I can say that my links direct to this site, Wikipedia, BBC or Survival international.

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