Evolution 101: People Don’t Look Like Goats

On the lighter side of anthropology…  The Onion takes a satirical look at what outrageously pseudoscientific research into human origins might look like.  Their headline reads:

“Anthropologists Trace Human Origins Back To One Large Goat”
‘Wait, That Can’t Be Right,’ Scientists Say”

In addition to being funny, the article, by contrast, helps show the strict standards of evidence, interdisciplinary collaboration, and peer-review process of actual paleoanthropological research.  Also, our close relationship with other primates is highlighted when one fake Onion researcher observes that “…humans don’t look like goats.”  In other words, don’t expect any presentations on “goat people” at professional anthropological conferences anytime soon.  Enjoy!

– Jay Fancher

6 thoughts on “Evolution 101: People Don’t Look Like Goats

  1. Now wait just a second. I had an uncle that definitely looked like a goat. In fact my aunt often referred to him as such.

  2. Off topic but… I am greatly disappointed by the new “barebones” look of the site — you had a distinctive, clean and easy to read blog with a fantastic header… and now just a dense mass of seemingly unstyled text, with zero personality :(

    1. I understand your concern. I am working on figuring something out but please do continue to visit in the meantime. Our content is still the same.

  3. Man never look like goat. It all depends on your view or perspective. You only see what your mind sees. Two people watch the same thing and leave with different perspective. Hey your uncle does not look like a goat. In and see it again.

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