The BH-1 Hominin from Balanica (Serbia)

Last week, PLoS One published a paper re-dating the BH-1 specimen from Balanica. The new dates are 397 and 525 ka. The new dates are at least 280,000 years older than the previously published study. At this time, Neandertal traits were distinct in Europe. But the mandible fragment features a primitive prominent planum alveolare, and a thick... Continue Reading →

The Google doodle represents one of Leakey’s most famous achievements – the discovery of 3.5 million-year-old fossilised hominid footprints, at Laetoli in Tanzania.

Photographer Klaus Pichler spent three years photographing the depots, cellars, and storage rooms of various museum departments for his Skeletons in the Closet series, giving us a behind the scenes views of the Museum of Natural History in Vienna and captured the exhibits while they aren't on display. I particularly like this one.

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