Oldest Hominin Footprints Found Outside of Africa

The Laetoli hominin footprints have finally met their match. A group of footprints dating between 850,000 and 950,000 years ago were reported in coastal Happisburgh, the United Kingdom, as seen in a publication in Plos One today. The work was headed by Nick Ashton of the British Museum. Footprints are rarely preserved prehistorically—their survival generaly... Continue Reading →

Bill Nye takes on Young Earth Creationism

Yesterday, young earth creationist Ken Ham hosted household name Bill Nye at the Creation Museum to "debate" evolution. See the recording here. I first heard about the Nye Ham event a few weeks ago, and was at first perturbed with Nye that he would enter into such an exchange.  I side more with Richard Dawkins... Continue Reading →

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