Schöningen Speer VII im Sediment 1997 © P. Pfarr NLD
Spear no. 8 at Schöningen in situ. P. Pfarr NLD,

A series of detailed reports on the Paleolithic site of Schöningen in north-central Germany which is best known for the earliest known, completely preserved wooden spear findings have been published online in the Journal of Human Evolution. Altogether, they present a picture of groups of prehistoric hunters who sojourned at sites in the Schöningen area about 300,000+ years ago and hunted and processed mammalian species such as wild horse and red deer using tools/weapons made of wood, stone and bone. The findings have changed the long-accepted paradigm of a more primitive early human hunting culture during this time period that featured primarily stone tools and weapons and a somewhat more limited subsistence strategy.

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