The Neanderthal Cultural Significance Of A Decorated Crimean Raven Bone

In the last decade or so, we have illuminated Neanderthals demonstrated complex culture, such as the burial in Shanidar, were interior decorators of Bruniquel, were playing complex bone  instruments in Germany, and the jewelry from Krapina and examples in France. Which prompted mainstream media sources like the NY Times to ask just how human Neanderthals are, as... Continue Reading →

A pair of 13,000-year-old incisors found contain the earliest known use of fillings – made out of bitumen, or asphalt/cement. This earliest example of dentistry we know to date. The teeth, two upper central incisors belonged to one person and were discovered at the Riparo Fredian site near Lucca in northern Italy. The results were... Continue Reading →

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