The 550 Year Old Chimú Site in Las Llamas, Peru Is World’s Largest Child Sacrifice Site

Las LlamasThe pre-Columbian burial site of the Chimú civilization known as Las Llamas, in northern Peru contains the skeletons of 140 children who were between the ages of 5 and 14. Excavation work at the burial site started in 2011, but news of the findings was first published several days ago by National Geographic, which financed the dig.

These children were ritually sacrificed during a ceremony about 550 years ago. Originally dubbed Las Llamas because over 200 llamas were also discovered at the site, the new addition of human children remains is interpreted as a sacrifice for floods caused by the El Nino weather pattern ravaged the Peruvian coastline around the time. This interpretation is made because the children were buried facing the sea, whereas Llamas faced the east, towards Andes Mountains. The lead archeologists, Gabriel Prieto of Peru’s National University of Trujillo along with John Verano of Tulane University, said,

“They were possibly offering the gods the most important thing they had as a society, and the most important thing is children because they represent the future… Llamas were also very important because these people had no other beasts of burden, they were a fundamental part of the economy.”

Here is a gallery of photos:

2 thoughts on “The 550 Year Old Chimú Site in Las Llamas, Peru Is World’s Largest Child Sacrifice Site

  1. Respectfully, I ask this perhaps unschooled question: how do you KNOW these children were ritually SACRIFICED and not merely ritually BURIED after some kind of illness, or death from sudden lack of food, or drowned….etc, etc?

    Most people love their children, “most precious”… I can’t believe the everyday people just killed them because of the weather… the rulers, the elites, the priests did these things…and how do I KNOW this???? BECAUSE they haven’t ever STOPPED.

    What demonic governing force encouraged people to do such horrific things? Why do these things? The only time SACRIFICE is involved, ritually, it is related to some psychopathic regime (as always they run the show)…BUT, WHY DON’T THE QUESTIONS ABOUT THOSE PSYCHOS EVER GET ASKED in anthropology???? WHY DID ELITES INSIST ON CHILD SACRIFICE? Better yet, why does anthropology always make it seem like “the people” did the evil deeds, to their own kids, when there really IS NO WAY TO KNOW THIS FOR SURE.

    Anthropology almost seems to be a rubber stamped STORY…in which the “people” are ignorant dumbasses killing their own children, but their RULERS (you know, the ancestors of the ones we have now, relentlessly SACRIFICING THE COMMONERS CHILDREN OF ALL NATIONS, with endless wars…) …they are not mentioned, except for the awesome treasures that they get buried with (the treasures which were procured from those same people whose children were sacrificed…)

    Mainstream archaeology is a fairy tale, meant to obscure the horrors of the kings since the beginning of time

    1. There are many terms you need to get a grasp on such as cultural relativism and ethnocentrism before you should feel comfortable judging a culture.

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