A new paper in Nature Communications documents a strange bottleneck event occurring about 7,000 years ago, where the genetic diversity of the Y chromosome completely collapsed leaving about one male to 17 females. We all know the agricultural revolution happened around 12,000 years ago. Societies grew in size and many organized around patrilineal kinships. Turning to mathematical models, they found that wars between these clans drastically reduced Y chromosome diversity over time. Among the male lineages that survived the Y-chromosome bottleneck, a few lineages underwent dramatic expansions, consistent with the patrilineal clan model. The coolest figure from the paper is below:

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 2.51.05 PM

2 thoughts on “Wars Explain the post-Neolithic Y-chromosome bottleneck

  1. Unfortunatly there was only one Professor of biology!
    He did not understand warfare 7000 BC.
    For such a mass extinction to happen by “wars” you will need many factors!
    Decisve advantage of weapons! Annihilation orders on global level. Organisation on a large scale of what was back then small settlements/tribes of 25-50 people!

    1. Weopons 7000 BC were not developed for a mass extinction
    2. It was quite easy to defend with few man every natural fortress against many more men!
    3. Tribes of 25-50 who were living unconected by media OR ROADS need a reason to tisk ANY life of any man!
    4. The lack of superior weopons for a long time was the reason why no invasion wars on a large scale was possible! The expected value or clan clashes WAS negative for any 2 clans!
    5. How can you explain the exodus for nomadic tribes! The weaker ones would not stay in one place and let supperior enemy approach and annihilate all men.


    Nice fantasy about globar annihilation warfare from a biologists!

    If a “theory” postulates a process never observed in history or even fantastic in parts then it is not a theory! it is a hypithesis

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