80,000 Year Old Le Rozel footprints in Normandy Represent Neanderthal Social Structure

Since 2012, Jeremy Duveau of France's National Museum of Natural History and his colleagues have been excavating the Le Rozel site in Normandy. They have diligently unearthed a total of 257 Neanderthal footprints, along with eight handprints, from a layer of fine, dark sand deposited approximately 80,000 years ago. They published their work in PNAS.... Continue Reading →

The Discovery of a 3.8 Million Year Old Australopithecus anamensis

The discovery of a mostly intact a 3.8 million year old fossil skull found buried within sandstone, from the Waranjo-Mille site in the Afar region of Ethiopia, was announced last week in Nature. Based on the size and shape of its canines, which has certain anatomical features that make it stand out from A. afarensis and other... Continue Reading →

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