Mousterian Spears, Modern Projectiles and Shanidar III

In keeping with these wintry conditions, there’s a veritable avalanche of news concerning the late lamented Neanderthals this past week, including spears, teeth and decorated marine shells, with much of  the debate concentrating, as ever, on the physical and behavioural differences between the Neanderthal archaic humans and the subsequent anatomically modern humans (AMH) with whom… Continue Reading →

Why Do Women Have More Cavities?

Razib has chimed in on the latest piece of research to come from John Lukacs, “Fertility and Agriculture Accentuate Sex Differences in Dental Caries Rates,” published in Current Anthropology. Throughout time, women have had more cavities on average than men. I’ve explained how cavities are formed in a previous post.  Diet change and sexual division… Continue Reading →

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