On Mexican Toloquilla Footprints and the “Peopling of the Americas”

This post is intended as a follow-up to Kambiz's review of the new dates for Toloquilla footprints. Frankly, it's been very tiring to read and watch all the current and past powwows about the validity and veracity of pre-Clovis sites. Science is currently making a huge methodological mistake by assuming that the early presence of... Continue Reading →

4,000-year-old frozen hair mtDNA sequenced from a Greenlandic Saqqaq settlement. Pt. II

A bit belatedly due to my relocation to Boston, I'd like to contribute a few observations regarding the phylogenetic position of the mtDNA sequence uncovered from a 4,000 year-old lump of hair in Greenland. Kambiz has already reviewed this Science article, hence the readers should have a good idea of what it took to obtain... Continue Reading →

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