Neandertal Social Groups

Very rarely is an entire family group of hominins buried and fossilized at the same time. It is even rarer for paleoanthropologists to discover such an assemblage. Fortunately for science but unfortunately for the hominins, caves occasionally collapsed on entire social groups. At a site known as El Sidrón in Spain, excavations have been ongoing... Continue Reading →

Neandertals and Endurance Running

Endurance running has been cited since the 1980’s as a possible explanation for the modern human body plan. Past studies have focused on the running abilities of species such as Homo ergaster and Homo sapiens, with little or no mention of other species or genera. Currently in press in the Journal of Human Evolution is... Continue Reading →

Is the Neandertal Nose Adapted to Cold?

Neandertals have long been touted as a species with “hyperarctic” adaptations. Their stout proportions and shortened distal limb segments are often explained to conserve heat. Similarly, the Neandertal cranium is traditionally said to be cold adapted. An article released on December 22nd in the Journal of Human Evolution challenges these traditional notions, specifically those about... Continue Reading →

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