Anthropology Deciphers the Ebola Crisis

To the world outside that of the victims, The Ebola crisis is one of hazmat suits and anonymous bodies. However, emerging along with the voices of doctors are those of medical anthropologists, who ask for an interior perspective in dealing with the epidemic. West African countries are truly suffering, particularly those of Sierra Leone, Liberia,... Continue Reading →

The Lives Behind Plant Documents

In the county of Uasin Gishu, Kenya, a recent article in Ethnobotany Research and Applications, local plants have many uses for fodder, medicine, food, and building material, but today this knowledge is threatened by increased pressures on the land. While the list of plants and their uses provides valuable basic knowledge, the article heightened my... Continue Reading →

Lions, and Tigers, and Mushrooms?

In a new article from the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnopharmacology, researchers in Chihuahua, Mexico discuss the selective use of mushrooms in Sierra Madre. The municipalities of Bocoyna and Urique are the only areas in Northern Mexico where residents pick mushrooms, but even then only five of over 20 edible species make the list. Attitudes... Continue Reading →

Integrating Health

When dealing with the term “medicine,” there is no single definition, static through space and time.  Many of the world’s medical systems illustrate diverging, sometimes opposing, stories of health and healing, and each culture invariably believes in its own medicine.Unfortunately, our globalized world has been slow to recognize the medicine of the “other.”  Last month... Continue Reading →

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