News from Rising Star Cave, Homo Naledi, Latest member of the human family

Welcome Homo naledi yet another new branch of the Human family tree - here are a few brief thoughts on what has come to light thus far. So we finally got the big reveal from the Rising Star expedition, who on Thursday, Sept 10th, 2015, announced that fossil remains of over a dozen individuals had been found... Continue Reading →

We´re now on Twitter

@AnthroDotNet Please feel free to follow, and more importantly to read and add feedback, where deemed desirable or necessary. The plan is to add more content here at, though quite how regularly as yet remains to be seen.

The Great Southern Migration Theory: Some Thoughts on Y-hap T and Boating Technology – by Terry Toohill

The Wikipedia entry for Y-chromosome haplogroup T claims: “The distribution of haplogroup T in most parts of Europe is spotty or regionalized”. As it is through much of the rest of the world. However from the map at Wiki we can see that Y-hap T is largely distributed along coastlines and up major river... Continue Reading →

Neanderthal Notes for the Weekend

I recently posted a brief article regarding the latest themed edition of Current Anthropology, but at the time of writing I hadn't noticed another paper in the same issue, namely Sleeping Activity Area within the Site Structure of Archaic Human Groups - Evidence from Abric Romaní Level N Combustion Activity Areas, which begins with this:... Continue Reading →

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