MESO 2010 – The Eighth International Conference on the Mesolithic in Europe, Santander, Spain

A quick heads-up to anyone planning to be in vicinity of Santander, Cantabria this autumn, where a very interesting conference, MESO 2010, (programme) is due to be held this coming September 13th-17th, plus post-Conference excursions the following weekend, September 18th and 19th, in addition to the field trip slated for Wednesday 15th. I would strongly... Continue Reading →

Current Anthropology – Volume 51, Number 1, Feb 2010 – Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and Inequality in Premodern Societies Edition

The latest edition of Current Anthropology has just been published, and included within is a special section referred to in the headline above - I haven't had time to read it yet, so for now here's a table of contents and a snippet from the introduction by editor Mark Aldenderfer, commenting on the themed papers,... Continue Reading →

Mousterian Spears, Modern Projectiles and Shanidar III

In keeping with these wintry conditions, there's a veritable avalanche of news concerning the late lamented Neanderthals this past week, including spears, teeth and decorated marine shells, with much of  the debate concentrating, as ever, on the physical and behavioural differences between the Neanderthal archaic humans and the subsequent anatomically modern humans (AMH) with whom... Continue Reading →

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