Anthropology of Policing

Race is a social construct. We have spoken on the concept of race, here, before. Anthropology has been at the forefront of redefining race, ancestry, and ethnicity. And many anthropologists have advocated for concepts such as race to be phased out of our culture and our police. Current events have elucidated the importance of continuing... Continue Reading →

Current Anthropology – Volume 51, Number 1, Feb 2010 – Intergenerational Wealth Transmission and Inequality in Premodern Societies Edition

The latest edition of Current Anthropology has just been published, and included within is a special section referred to in the headline above - I haven't had time to read it yet, so for now here's a table of contents and a snippet from the introduction by editor Mark Aldenderfer, commenting on the themed papers,... Continue Reading →

Claude Lévi-Strauss Has Died

Claude Lévi-Strauss died two days ago. He was 100 years old. I shouldn't have to write about his impact to the field of anthropology, in summary it was profound. He authored many texts. He set forth structuralism, a mode of thought by which we can compare relationships between social systems. His contributions to studying cultures... Continue Reading →

1 Million Unique Visitors To! has gone platinum. With the help of guest bloggers and regular contributors, I have hosted 1,000,000 unique visitors since March of 2007. For a highly specialized niche site with no advertisement campaign I consider this milestone a success. But, I'm going to bid blogging adieu because I have been accepted to medical school. Once... Continue Reading →

When Open Access Fails

I'm fairly busy as of late and so I regularly set aside some weekend reading, such as Sergey Gavrilets' new paper on investigating the impact of egalitarianism on human evolution during the Pleistocene. The paper was published the other day in the open access journal PLoS One. Yesterday, I bookmarked the paper's DOI (10.1371/journal.pone.0003293), in... Continue Reading →

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