Introducing A New Guest Blogger, Emanuel Lusca

Emanuel Lusca recently contacted wishing to guest blog here at As a recent graduate of UC Berkeley, double majoring in anthropology and philosophy, I think Emanuel will fill some gaps in my lack of coverage of cultural anthropology topics... so I'm really excited to have him on board. In his email, he explained that... Continue Reading →

I’m Off To Turkey Until September 20th!

I don't regularly make announcements about my life, but I wanted to let you that blogging here will be sparse because I'm leaving to Turkey to do some fieldwork. I should return in two weeks time, unless we find something that needs a bit more time or if the PKK and Turkish government have another... Continue Reading →

Charles Lockwood In Memoriam

From John Lynch, of Stranger Fruit, comes the upsetting news of Charles Lockwood's untimely death. He died in a motorcycle accident in London. For those that don't know who Charles Lockwood was, he was a paleoanthropologist who investigated the evolution of skull anatomy in hominins. Last year, his book "The Human Story: Where We Come... Continue Reading →

Introducing a new guest blogger, Tasha Spawn

I want to introduce you to a new guest blogger here at, Tasha Spawn. Tasha is currently a student at University of North Dakota. Her primary anthropological interests are on topics like sexuality, gender, identity, the concept of race, equality, and male/female relationships. In our emails, Tasha expressed that she looks forward to sharing her opinions, hosting... Continue Reading →

Four Stone Hearth 40, call for submissions

This coming Wednesday, May 7th, will mark the 40th edition of Four Stone Hearth, the anthropology blog carnival that began life here at – so if you have anything you'd care to contribute to this next edition, you can send it via or instead to remote central, the hosting blog this time round.

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