Episode 1: A ScreenCast Tutorial On How-To Do A Multiple Sequence Alignment & Draw A Phylogenetic Tree Using Swami

The last time I did a little tutorial on how to use bioinformatic tools in anthropological research was last October. I've had some ideas since then and have decided to restart this project. The biggest change is the screencast format, rather than a set of static instructions. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the... Continue Reading →

Michael Tomasello on How Humans Are Unique

Michael Tomasello, a well known comparative psychologist, has a column in today's New York Times where he writes on, "How Are Humans Unique?" In the piece, Tomasello argues that our cultural, linguistic, economic and tool-use have all come about because of our tendency for "collective cognition." His argument stems from two of his recent papers,... Continue Reading →

Podcast Round-up

Podcasting has arrived in a big way, as a cursory glance at the iTunes directory will confirm - if you can think of a science related topic, the chances are that someone somewhere will probably be talking about it. On that note, here's a quick look at some which may be of interest to readers... Continue Reading →

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