Mayas Saving Maya Culture – The Archaeology Channel

The latest offering from the Archaeology Channel is now online, and in this 22 minute video produced by Timothy Knowlton, which in brief is described thus: An association of Tz’utujil Maya people from Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, struggle to establish a cultural center and archaeological site museum at the nearby lakeside site of Chuitinamit, once home... Continue Reading →

Paleoanthropologist Louise Leakey’s TEDtalk

Every year TED invites esteemed academics, thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs, etc. to give an exclusive 15-18 minute long talk about what they do and why it is important for the rest of the world. I've shared one of these talks with you before, Zeresenay Alemseged's. In this year's conference, Louise Leakey, of the Leakey family lineage... Continue Reading →

10,000 B.C., the movie

Have you heard about the upcoming movie based upon prehistoric life? I didn't, until today. It is called 10,000 B.C. and I had no idea about it until I caught news of it this morning off of Paleoblog. I guess I'm completely out of the loop. I've watched the trailers and understand the movie will... Continue Reading →

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