Growing ‘Mini-Brains’ With Neanderthal DNA

Svante Pääbo, director of the genetics department at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany wants to grow brain organoids from human stem cells that are edited to contain "Neanderthalized" versions of several genes. These blobs of brain are incapable of thoughts or feelings, but replicate basic structures of the brain, such... Continue Reading →

Someone Butchered a Rhino in the Philippines 700,000 Years Ago, But Who?

Yesterday, Nature published an alarming find of butchered rhinoceros remains from the Kalinga site in the Cagayan Valley on Luzon in the Philippines. The long bones were clearly smashed as if to have access to marrow. The cut marks over the ribs are also clear signs of processing the meat off the bones. These marks were not... Continue Reading →

Debunking Toba Catastrophe Theory

One of the most popular posts here is Tim Jones' post, published almost 11 years ago on the Toba Eruption. Toba Catastrophe Theory was proposed first by Stanley Ambrose. Henry Harpending popularized it. In a nutshell, a genetic bottleneck has been observed in Homo sapiens occurring approx. 70,000 years ago that temporally correlated with a massive... Continue Reading →

Linking Early Human Language & Cave Art

Human language is thought to emerge around 100,000 years ago as an abstract symbolic system. It is very likely that humans spoke long before it they wrote. Because the nature of language is largely spoken, it has been hard to find physical evidence of when and how humans began speaking...  Some argue early evidence of... Continue Reading →

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