A Partial Perspective – Dr. Antoinette Jackson on Anthropology, Critical Race Theory, and Being New Department Chair

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb1ZptjYGo8 Dr. Antoinette Jackson on Anthropology, Critical Race Theory, and Being New Department Chair Season 1 Episode 1 Recorded: April 27, 2020 In this first episode of this relaunched podcast, A Partial Perspective, William talks with Dr Antoinette Jackson, the incoming Chair of the Applied Anthropology Department at the University of South Florida. He discusses... Continue Reading →

Anthropology of Policing

Race is a social construct. We have spoken on the concept of race, here, before. Anthropology has been at the forefront of redefining race, ancestry, and ethnicity. And many anthropologists have advocated for concepts such as race to be phased out of our culture and our police. Current events have elucidated the importance of continuing... Continue Reading →

Oldest & Largest Mayan Structure Discovered in Mexico

In Mexico's Tabasco state is the ancient Maya Aquada Fenix site. Using aerial remote-sensing, also known as LIDAR, University of Arizona archaeologist Takeshi Inomata and his team, discovered the largest and oldest-known structure built by the ancient Maya civilization here - a colossal rectangular elevated platform built between 1,000 and 800 BC. The structure measures... Continue Reading →

A Russian Ancestor to Native Americans

Russian archaeologists in 1976 excavating the Ust’-Kyakhta-3 site on the banks of the Selenga River A. P. Okladnikov During the 1970's, a site called Ust-Kyakhta found between the Mongolian borders and the southern banks of the Lake Baikal, was excavated. The Russian team unearthed many stone and bone tools as well as ceramics, and reindeer... Continue Reading →

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