Genetics of Ethiopians

Razib has done rounded up a nice review of Dienekes' Dodecad data to answer some prelim questions on the genetic of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a very interesting cultural and paleontological area of the world. I had the pleasure of being a part of a field group several years ago and had a wonderful time. A... Continue Reading →

Prehistoric Population Sizes & Migrations Within Africa Inferred From Coalescent Theory

The other day Dienekes pointed out a paper on ancestral human population dynamics within Africa before the out of Africa migrations. The paper is very similar to one I reviewed in April, which also focuses on the diversity of the mitochondrial haplogroup L -- one of the oldest mtDNA haplogroups out there. The new paper,... Continue Reading →

Newly Discovered Y-Chromosome SNP Among Tanzanian, Nambibian, Botswanan, Angolan Men Correlates With The Arrival Of Pastoralism In Southern Africa

According to this press release, a new paper reports on the discovery of a 10,000 year old SNP on the Y-chromosomes of men from Tanzania and southern Africa. It will be appearing in PNAS' online early edition tomorrow (DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0801184105). The SNP is thought to have originated in eastern Africa, "The team analyzed Y chromosomes... Continue Reading →

The ‘Oldest’ known African human sacrifice

The Neolithic revolution is a really important transition in human prehistory, one that is identified by an increase in technology. During this time people became skilled agriculturalists, adopted more sedentary lifestyles that revolved around more complex, structured city-state societies. Not every area of the world experienced the Neolithic at the same time. It is believed... Continue Reading →

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